Our Mission

Be the innovative, and very much, ‘human leader’ of the human resources community.

Our Vision

Become the Number One Human Resource partner for our clients and associates.

Our Values

Help drive us to be the best we can be individually and with you.

  • Purpose (of course) – discovering the path and following its winding corners.
  • Passion – being on the journey together with collaborative and energetic attitudes.
  • Pluckiness – having the guts to think big and dare to try what others shy away from.


Pav Jedrusiak
Founder / Consultant

Pav was born in 1980 in Poland, and graduated from the Wroclaw WBS University in 2002. In 2004 he moved to London and short after worked at The Royal British Legion, one of the biggest UK not-for-profit organisations providing lifelong support for the Army Forces community.

In 2007 he joined ?What If! Innovation, the largest independent innovation consultancy in Europe. During his seven years there, he collected his Masters of Arts in Human Resources Management from London Metropolitan University and gained his professional qualifications from the Chartered Institute for Professional Development.

In 2014 he was welcomed by Karmarama, the UK based communication agency and worked alongside its people on strengthening his commercial and operational capabilities.

Late 2015 introduced him as an independent consultant marking another milestone in his journey for growth and self-development.

The last decade saw Pav flourishing through learning about the most effective ways for inspiring people for growth. If there is one single thing that brings it all together, then it must be PURPOSE. And that is how Purpose People was born.

Pav is a passionate individual always seeking opportunities for learning something new. Get in touch with us and he will be able to tell you more about himself over a cup of tea (or coffee if you like).

For more information about Pav, please visit his LinkedIn profile and check out his Blog.