We've dared to take a different approach to Human Resources. We've thrown out the rulebook because no two people, or businesses are the same. Instead we partner with you to create bespoke solutions that answer your highly individual needs, no matter how big or small the task in hand. It’s why we always start by listening. We listen to your goals and aspirations for you or your business. And then we build a purposeful partnership with you to enable you to achieve them.

One-To-One Coaching Sessions

If you’ve reached a fork in the road, and you’re unsure of the direction to take, we can help you regain perspective of your career so that you can make the right move. We can help prepare you for any tricky conversations with your managers or colleagues by going through a number of scenarios to build your confidence and stamina. We can answer any logistical or legislative questions you have, or provide you with assurance if you want to check something through and put any doubts to bed.

Company Support

If you’re a start-up needing some HR support, or a well-established company going through some tough times, we can give you all the extra support you need. We can help with a wide range of subjects, including:
  • Recruitment – helping you to find the right person for the job.
  • On-boarding – designing tools to help get your newbies up-to-speed in no time.
  • Off-boarding – creating a robust process for capturing data and identifying trends to relay to the business.
  • Talent Management – creating a bespoke approach to development to make you the hottest house in town.
  • Reward and Engagement – finding new ways of saying thank you to your people other than just their pay-cheques.
  • People Management – helping you get the best out of your people whenever they are at cross-roads with their careers.
  • Restructuring – helping you through all the stages of the change and reorganisation.